Try it with…low acid recipes during mild heartburn by Astrid Olsson [EPUB: 1795420537]

Try it with...low acid recipes during mild heartburn by Astrid Olsson [EPUB: 1795420537]

  • Title: Try it with…low acid recipes during mild heartburn: 110 stomach-friendly dishes for reflux
  • Author:Astrid Olsson
  • Pages: 134
  • Publisher (Publication Date): ? Independently published (January 29, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN:1795420537
  • Download File Format:EPUB


Apple pumpkin soup
Aubergines from the wok
Aubergine asparagus enjoyment
Apple-Jacob mussels
Cauliflower rice with coriander and lemon
Bean jam
Banana smoothie
Banana and strawberry smoothie
Butternut pumpkin soup
Balsamic salmon
Cauliflower soup
Basmati rice with shrimps
Oven bananas with cinnamon
Creamy potato leek soup
Creamy Rice Chowder
Cranberry green cabbage quinoa
Creamy risotto with carrots
Creamy coconut rice
Chia seeds with buckwheat
Steamed asparagus
Steamed Green Beans
Steamed musk pumpkin
Simple carrot-leek soup
Simple steamed Brussels sprouts
Simple rice with peas
Simple couscous with spring onions
Simple wild rice
Simple oatmeal quinoa
Simple Quinoa
Strawberry cake with ricotta
Fine broccoli-cauliflower soup
Fine celery soup
Fine steamed vegetables
Fine almond and coconut risotto
Breakfast rice pudding
Breakfast pudding
Fruit salad with nuts
Fish steaks
Frittata with summer vegetables
Spiced potatoes
Gluten-free oat porridge with coconut
Gluten-free porridge
Cucumber smoothie
Gluten-free spelt dough pizza
Roasted Almond Quinoa Salad
Prawns with Thai Pesto
Prawns with carrot-coconut-ginger quinoa
Prawns with Zucchini-Noodles
Baked muesli
Roasted banana
Vegetables with honey-soy seed dressing
Baked cod with green beans
Grilled Alaska salmon
Roasted salmon with broccoli
Green beans with cashews and quinoa
Green cabbage with lentils and bay leaves
Baked apple with plum filling
Baked cod with green beans
Gluten-free oat porridge with coconut
Oat porridge with nut and banana
Hearty spinach lentil soup
Honey coconut salmon
Hot vegetable cake
Ginger with coconut eggs
Ginger coconut cookies
Coconut-ginger rice
Coconut-Aubergine sweet-sour
Coconut chicken Variation
Crispy Noodles Paleo Style
Delicious rice
Lentil rice
Lentil rice bowl
Lentil soup
Lentil and vegetable gratin
Salmon with broccoli and rice
Almond melon smoothie
Mango shake
Chard with chickpeas and couscous
Muesli bar
Seafood with rice and turmeric
Baked potato sticks
Oven pears with ricotta
Paleo chicken meatballs
Paleo sweet potatoes with green cabbage salad
Pecan nut granola
Quinoa with carrots and shrimps
Quinoa with juicy apple
Quinoa pancake with oats
Fast and easy risotto
Spinach Pumpkin Risotto
Sweet potato casserole
Celery cucumber smoothie
Celery soup
Fast porridige with almonds and quinoa
Aspargus with tofu
Homemade muesli bars
Homemade gluten free bread
Tofu broccoli quiche
Tofu with mint paste
Vegan Chinese porridge
Vegetarian rice with tofu and potatoes
Vegan pizza with spinach, pesto and vegetables
Courgette Noodles