The Ultimate Persian Cookbook by Slavka Bodic [PDF: B089NYRXL4]

The Ultimate Persian Cookbook by Slavka Bodic

  • Title: The Ultimate Persian Cookbook: A Complete Guide to 111 Healthy and Delicious Persian Dishes (World Cuisines Book 2)
  • Author: Slavka Bodic
  • Pages:
  • Publisher (Publication Date): June 3, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B089NYRXL4
  • Download File Format: PDF

Ultimate Persian cookbook
TOP 111 Persian dishes that you can cook right now!
Learn to how cook DELICIOUS Persian recipes.

Sabzi polo, Kookoo Shibzamini and original dolmah recipes inside!

Within these pages you will learn 111 authentic recipes from a Persian cook. These are not ordinary recipes you’d find on the Internet but recipes that were closely guarded by Persian mothers and passed down from generation to generation.
Main dishes, Appetizers and Desserts included!

If you want to learn how to make homemade dolmah, nargesi, chelo and 108 other authentic Persian recipes then start with our book. Also¨ I reveal the best homemade versions of Kaleh Joosh (whey soup)!
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Within this book you’ll learn 111 different Persian main dishes including my fantastic Gundi, Ash-e Anar, Sheer Berenj, Yazdi cakes in addition to other Iranian favourite types of appetizers and different desserts including authentic Persian Rosettes and Sloleh Zard.

Main Dishes
Appetizers and Dips

111 authentic and delicious recipes you can cook right now!