The Creme Brulee Cookbook by Christina Tosch [AZW3: 1687472963]

The Creme Brulee Cookbook by Christina Tosch

  • Title: The Creme Brulee Cookbook: Decadent Dessert Recipes to Grace Your Dinner Table
  • Autor:Christina Tosch
  • Pages: 139
  • Publisher (Publication Date): August 19, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1687472963
  • Download File Format: AZW3

If you are looking for a winning dessert recipe then look no further than The Creme Brulee Cookbook. Discover 40 different ways to prepare and flavor that creamy custard base.

From classic vanilla to minty peppermint and boozy bourbon, Creme Brulee combinations are limitless.

One thing is for sure though, each one of these Creme Brulee recipes is the perfect way to end a meal or serve a sweet treat.

Many home cooks are surprised at just how simple it is to create restaurant-quality Creme Brulee.

This easy-to-follow Creme Brulee Cookbook will take you through each and every step of how to make this decadent dessert.

All you have to do is make a custard base, add your chosen flavorings, bake it, and caramelize the top. From bain-marie to blowtorch; it really couldn’t be easier!