Skinnytaste Air Fryer by Angeline D. Rogge [PDF: B08GXXCM76]

Skinnytaste Air Fryer by Angeline D. Rogge

  • Title: Skinnytaste Air Fryer: 150+ Easy and Delicious Skinnytaste Air Fryer Slow Cooker Recipes
  • Author: Angeline D. Rogge
  • Pages: 149
  • Publisher (Publication Date): August 27, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08GXXCM76
  • Download File Format: PDF

◆◆◆The best air fryer cookbook◆◆◆

An air fryer is a cutting-edge kitchen cooker that cooks food by flowing hot air around it as opposed to utilizing oil. It offers a low-fat form of foods that would generally be cooked in a profound fryer. Thus, for the most part, meals, for example, French fries, seared chicken, and the onion-rings are prepared with no oil or up to 80 percent less fat substance contrasted with regular cooking strategies.

Do you know that this is a 7 in 1 cooking appliance that can perform seven functions of cooking without compromising the quality of foods? The air fryer is exceptionally good because it saves nearly 80% of your oil while frying your food. If you want to make French fries you will need very little oil. It is not limited to only the crunchy foods but also it is highly effective in cooking a wide array of foods.

The book contains;

How to Use Your Air Fryer
Factors to consider before buying an air fryer
Air Fryer Components:
Breakfast RecipesLunch Recipes
Dinner Recipes
Poultry Recipes

And many more….

You can roast a chicken, reheat frozen foods, bake muffins, and dehydrate your fruits as well. The microprocessor technology utilized in the appliance makes it the best in cooking because it of the programmed keys. You can easily cook your foods without worrying about time and temperature settings. The air fryer is vital because it reduces excess calories that are often associated with weight gain. The appliance is made to ensure that you get high-quality foods without adding more calories. The crunchiness of the food from outside and tender inside is what separates it from the rest of the air fryers. We have covered over 100 recipes in this book and you can choose any of the easy to make recipes and enjoy a meal at the comfort of your home.

Instant air fryer is one of the revolutionary kitchen appliances that will help in making your cooking easy and simple. It is a sophisticated and more mature version of the old traditional fryer and oven. The air fryer principally circulates hot air inside the vortex of the fryer and this is made possible by the vortex fan. This helps in making the cooking process faster and will make your meals by consuming little oil.