Keto Diet Cookbook For Women Over 50 by Maria J. Vickers [EPUB: B09Q2BBKNF]

Keto Diet Cookbook For Women Over 50 by Maria J. Vickers [EPUB: B09Q2BBKNF]

  • Title: Keto Diet Cookbook For Women Over 50: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To The Ketogenic Diet For Seniors With 200 Easy And Delicious Recipes To Lose Weight QUICKLY And Finally Regain Confidence
  • Author: Maria J. Vickers
  • Pages: 417
  • Publisher (Publication Date): January 8, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN:B09Q2BBKNF
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Why following a regular diet after 50 doesn’t make you lose an ounce (and it’s very likely to make you gain extra weight)?

Let me break this down for you…

By “regular diet” I mean all of those diets that make you lose weight SLOWLY, which are the majority out there.

Because of their slowness, regular diets (which from now on we’ll call “slow diets” ) are surrounded by a HUGE false myth:

Slow diets are effective because they make you lose weight slowly.

While if you lose weight fast, you’re bound to get it back with interest.

This is a lie, and that’s why.

Losing weight slowly doesn’t guarantee you to stay lean over time.

In truth, it doesn’t guarantee you to lose weight at all. That’s because if you don’t see results within a short period of time, you’re not motivated to keep going with your diet.

So you start binging. Chocolate, treats, fries…whatever is on your radar.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

After fifty, the Ketogenic Diet for Women Over 50 is the way to lose weight QUICKLY and maintain it over time – even though now your metabolism is slower and you tend to gain weight without eating more. You just have to know how to approach it…

This guide is what you need to figure it out.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in it:

First of all: Why women over fifty MUST follow the Keto Diet For Women Over 50 (the one in this book) and MUST avoid the generic Keto Diet. It’s about hormones and menopause…
200 easy and delicious recipes to lose weight fast and deeply detox your body (from breakfast to dinner, and everything in between)
A 30-day meal plan that shows you WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat to effectively lose weight (100% customizable)
Top 10 tips to BOOST the effectiveness of the Keto Diet (and the most common mistakes you must avoid)
And so much more

The Ketogenic Diet Over 50 burns fat mind-blowingly fast despite the menopause that get in your way:

Get This Guide Now And Start Losing Weight At Once!