Danni’s Juke Joint Comfort Food Cookbook by Danni Rose [EPUB: 0063281058]

Danni's Juke Joint Comfort Food Cookbook by Danni Rose [EPUB: 0063281058]

  • Title: Danni’s Juke Joint Comfort Food Cookbook: Modern-Day Recipes, Ole Skool Flavas
  • Author: Danni Rose
  • Pages:240
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Harvest (November 7, 2023)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN:0063281058
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Bold and irresistible Southern-inspired home cooking from internet sensation and Food Network personality Danni Rose, packed with memories, family history, and laugh-out-loud stories.

Danni Rose grew up eating real Southern home cooking surrounded by family, friends, and community—at church potlucks and at her daddy’s juke joint, Haywood’s Place. These memories inspire the food she shares today with her millions of fans online and in the pages of this book, like:

Cheddar Pancakes with BBQ Pulled Pork
Daddy’s Fried Cheese Grits
Cajun Deviled Eggs
Jack & Pepsi Slushies
Spatchcocked Whole Fried Chicken
Ole Skool Mac ’n’ Cheese
Pot Likker Greens
Church Lady Candied Apples

Every recipe is made for home cooks and packed with big, bold, and as Danni would say “sopped up flava.” With origin stories, practical tips, irresistible photos, and more, Danni takes you inside the culture of juke joints—word-of-mouth hangouts where folks gathered to drink, eat, dance, gossip, and have a good time—as well as family cookouts, fish fries, social savings clubs, and more. Every page overflows with Danni’s larger-than-life personality and love of good home cooking.