Biscuits and Cookies: A Global History by Anastasia Edwards [PDF: 1789140498]

Biscuits and Cookies: A Global History by Anastasia Edwards

  • Title: Biscuits and Cookies: A Global History (Edible)
  • Author: Anastasia Edwards
  • Pages: 128
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Reaktion Books; 1st edition (August 15, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1789140498
  • Download File Format:PDF

What’s your favorite cookie (or biscuit, for any British baking show buffs)? Chocolate chip, ginger spice, or Oreo? Oatmeal-and-raisin, black-and-white, digestive, or florentine? Or do you just prefer the dough? Our choice biscuits and cookies are as diverse as the myriad forms and flavors these chewy treats take, and well they should be. These baked delights have a history as rich as their taste: evidence of biscuit-making dates back to around 4000 BC.

In Biscuits and Cookies, Anastasia Edwards explores the delectable past of these versatile snacks, from their earliest beginnings through Middle Eastern baking techniques, to cookies of Northern Europe in the Middle Ages, and on into the New World. From German lebkuchen to the animal cracker (more than half a billion of which are produced each year in the United States alone), from brownies and sugar cookies in the United States to shortbread and buttery tea biscuits in the United Kingdom, to Anzac and Girl-Guide biscuits in New Zealand and Australia, this book is crammed with biscuit and cookie facts, stories, images, and recipes from around the world and across time. And there’s no need to steal from the cookie jar.