A Mouthful of Stars by Kim Sunee [EPUB: 1449430082]

A Mouthful of Stars by Kim Sunee

  • Title: A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Favorite Recipes from My World Travels
  • Autor:Kim Sunee
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC (May 6, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1449430082
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Bestselling author of Trail of Crumbs and former food editor, Kim Sunée, offers up her first cookbook. A Mouthful of Stars: A Constellation of Amazing Recipes from My World Travels is a collection of Kim’s interpretation of cherished recipes and cooking discoveries from across the globe. From Tuscan crostini di fegatini and Louisiana dirty rice to the flavors of her birth country of South Korea and favorites from the ten years she spent eating and cooking in Provence and Paris, you’ll find A Mouthful of Stars in the cookbook section, but it could also be in travel or food writing. The author’s time in many lands and cooking in many kitchens has inspired this beautiful, unique, exotic, and delicious culinary journey.       From the foreword by Frances Mayes:   “Trail of Crumbs established Kim Sunée as an outstanding literary writer, not only about life, but about food. . . . Now, after Kim’s brilliant debut memoir, she serves forth A Mouthful of Stars. What an astonishing book. I zoomed through the pages with an increasing feeling of joy. A Mouthful of Stars is original. First, she brings to her recipes zest, energy, and a raucous spirit of fun. Second, she praises, philosophizes, and celebrates . . . She knows that ‘life isn’t worth living without friends who know how to eat the heart out of a taco.’ This sense infuses every bite. How could I help but dash to the kitchen to try Grilled Peaches Wrapped in Prosciutto, Pan-fried Peppers with Coconut and Tamarind, Roasted Cherries with Burrata, and Quick Pickled Fennel. I love her delicate balance of flavors and aromas. Is she alchemist, conjurer, poet, or cook? All of the above. Even the few classic recipes (roast turkey and pizza) include a particular Kim-twist.
  A Mouthful of Stars makes a cultural leap out beyond the landscape where most cooks stir their pots. Kim’s allegiance is to a global kitchen. A citizen of the world, she’s not tied to a particular terrain. This is the future. She’s already where we’re headed. And the food, paradiso!”