30-Minute Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook by Amanda Oliver [EPUB: B07ZPBYF4K]

30-Minute Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook by Amanda Oliver

  • Title:30-Minute Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: The Complete Guide with 4 Weeks Meal Plan and Easy Recipes to Reduce Inflammation and Stay Healthy
  • Autor: Amanda Oliver
  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher (Publication Date): October 27, 2019
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Do you want to prevent and treat your inflammation through a non-medicinal dietary approach?

Have you been suffering from the problems of swelling, pain, and redness?

Then an anti-inflammatory diet plan is the right option for you!

The food they say is the cure in itself. Since a medicinal therapy always comes up with some side effects, experts believe in lifestyle alteration to deal and fight against the chronic inflammation. With that idea, the anti-inflammatory dietary approach came into existence. It restricts all the food responsible for triggering an inflammatory response. On the other hand, it prescribes food, which is naturally useful in strengthening our immune system and aids in curbing the causes of inflammation. This Anti-inflammatory diet cookbook brings you the best of the recipes in one place. It all starts with the basic introduction of the inflammation, its symptoms, and some of the factors contributing to the reaction along with a brief guideline of the anti-inflammatory diet. A list of suitable food items is shared, whereas the author has also highlighted the food triggering the inflammation to caution the readers about its harms.

What does this book offer?

Understanding Inflammation
Common symptoms of inflammation
Health risks of inflammation
Guidelines for Anti-inflammatory diet
4-week meal plan
Pantry stock for the 4-week meal plan
Tips and caveats
What to do after four weeks
Eighty-Four Anti-inflammatory recipes
And much moreā€¦..

The cookbook extensively covers all categories of daily meals while keeping up a much-needed variety. So, for the dawn of the day to the mid of the night, you will be having plenty of finger-licking options to try from the text of this cookbook. The four weeks diet plan cover this extensive range of recipes and brings variety to the menu while keeping up the balance of the ingredients.