Vintage Old-Fashioned Recipes by Allyson Harris [PDF: B082Z5PJZ4]

Vintage Old-Fashioned Recipes by Allyson Harris

  • Title: Vintage Old-Fashioned Recipes: Timeless, Memorable and Authentic Recipes: Bring to Life Memories and Traditions
  • Autor: Allyson Harris
  • Pages:105
  • Publisher (Publication Date): December 20, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B082Z5PJZ4
  • Download File Format: PDF

Bring back to life loved and dear Memories with extremely easy, simple and Authentic Recipes from our grandmothers

What if you could take all the knowledge of our grandmothers and bring it to life in your kitchen…
Imagine that you could discover tricks & tips of old-style recipes and recreate them for you and your loved ones…
Being the heir of a long tradition of women extremely gifted and passionate in the kitchen, and now an expert of the past century’s cooking traditions, Allyson Harris provides the authentic and respectful way to look back at what Vintage Recipes have represented for generations of women and men, thanks also to her field-specific knowledge and great cooker-friendly communication skills.

What you’re going to find in your copy:

What are the exact skills to recreate old-fashioned recipes and go back in time!
Why you can’t really cook vintage recipes (and why that’s good!).
How not to spoil traditions and pass knowledge from our loved ones to next generations.

BONUS! You’re going to get inside 10+ Tips and Trick secrets to improve more than just your cooking skills and knowledge!

It’s time to live again those moments of happiness and joy we all lived with our mothers, grandmothers and love ones by recreating the tastes and fragrances of those recipes we love!

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