The Plant Based Meal Prep Cookbook by Paul Green [EPUB: B0B6XGTXS2]

The Plant Based Meal Prep Cookbook by Paul Green [EPUB: B0B6XGTXS2]

  • Title: The Plant Based Meal Prep Cookbook: 200+ Easy & Simple Vegan Diet Recipes To Eat Healthy at Work, Home, and On The Go With 7 Weekly Meal Plans
  • Author: Paul Green
  • Pages: 318
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Independently published (June 24, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B0B6XGTXS2
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Discover how to make a wide variety of healthy, delicious vegan meals while saving time and money, even if you don’t have any cooking experience.

Are you always in a hurry to get to work that you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals?

Do you want to eat more vegetables but worry about not getting enough protein?

Do you want to stick to a healthy diet, but you’re not confident you can plan and prepare for it consistently?

It’s hard to prepare nutritious meals on a daily basis when you have a hectic schedule.

Just thinking of the hassle of prepping, cooking, and washing up every day is enough to put you off from making your own meals at home.

Instead, you might be resorting to convenience and takeout foods for a quick solution.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t benefit you… or your wallet in the long run.

Not only are you spending more money on lower-quality food with questionable ingredients, but you’re also harming your health.

Not all vegan food is healthy, and if you’re buying cheap and quick takeout vegan meals, chances are you’re eating highly processed high-sodium ingredients.

But what can you do if you’re living in a fast-paced world?

Fortunately, there’s a budget-friendly solution to help you prepare vegan meals quickly and easily, and that’s through meal prepping.

If you have no idea how to meal prep, don’t worry. That’s where this cookbook can help. It will give you the basics of meal prepping, a ton of nourishing recipes, plus 7 different weekly meal plans you can easily follow.

Make meal prepping a breeze, even on busy days, with the help of this book. Inside, you will discover:

Over 200 different plant-based recipes for every meal and every craving — mix and match these meals and you’ll never get bored
How meal planning can help you build a healthier lifestyle while saving you serious money
4 easy ways to meal prep — choose the one which works for you!
How to manage your time more efficiently so preparing your meal will become a breeze
How to cook, store, and reheat foods safely to make them last longer
Nutritional values per serving included in each recipe — perfect for you if you need to count your macros
7 techniques to streamline your meal planning process — plan like a professional chef even if you don’t have cooking experience!
What to avoid during meal preparation so you won’t lose your motivation to carry on
High-protein meal plan — how you can get enough of this nutrient even if you’re a vegan

And much more.

With a vegan lifestyle, you need to be more selective about what you put in your body, so planning ahead is key.

No matter how busy you are, taking a little bit of time out to meal prep will take the stress out of mealtime and help you make healthier choices.

You don’t need to resort to unhealthy takeout or expensive vegan meals anymore. Start making your own with the variety of recipes in this guide and have nutritious homemade meals ready anytime.
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