The ‘Ohana Grill Cookbook by Adrienne Robillard, Dawn Sakamoto Paiva [EPUB: 1646040643]

The 'Ohana Grill Cookbook by Adrienne Robillard, Dawn Sakamoto Paiva

  • Title: The ‘Ohana Grill Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Hawai’i-Inspired Recipes from BBQ Chicken to Kalbi Short Ribs
  • Author: Adrienne Robillard, Dawn Sakamoto Paiva
  • Pages: 144
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Ulysses Press (September 29, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1646040643
  • Download File Format:EPUB

You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy the tropical flavors of the Pacific! With The ‘Ohana Grill, you can have your own pāʻina (party) every night with delicious recipes made for your outdoor grill. This unique Island guide will help you master your equipment, choose the best ingredients for grilling, and achieve perfectly cooked results sure to please. The author and photographer team, based in Hawai’i, share stunningfull-color photos and mouth-watering culinary creations. Explore the diverse cultures and flavors that make up Island grilling with ‘ono (delicious) recipes, including:

– Guava Chicken
– Pulehu Tri-Tip
– Spicy Li Hing Mui Pineapple
– Furikake Party Mix
– Grilled Mahimahi
– Shoyu Hot Dogs
– Adobo Pork Belly Bao with Won Bok Slaw

And much more!

Whether you’re new to lighting the grate or an experienced BBQ chef, these accessible recipes will bring the flavors of Hawai’i to your own backyard.