The Fast Food Cookbook by April Blomgren [EPUB:1790748860 ]

The Fast Food Cookbook by April Blomgren

  • Title:The Fast Food Cookbook: The Fastest Way to Learn How to Cook the Best Fast Food
  • Author:April Blomgren
  • Pages:109
  • Publisher (Publication Date):Independently published (December 4, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN:1790748860
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Everyone is not a professional cook when it comes to fast food cooking. Many of us are an average cook who can make simple and easy dishes. Cooking the best fast food is not an easy task. Therefore, this book is specially written for an average cook like the majority of the people, who want to make healthy and delicious fast food for their family. These simple and easy fast food recipes will change the texture of your meals like the one being cooked or baked by professional chefs as shown on the TV shows.

Fast food does not mean unhealthy food. The ingredients that are used in this book are all super healthy and nutritious. From mouth-watering mushroom burgers to super delicious crispy fried chicken – this book includes everything that a person needs in order to become his or her family’s super chef. After reading this book, there will be no need of spending hours and hours in the market to find the right ingredients for the perfect fast food. The recipes included in this book are all super easy to make.

The book has been very well written keeping in view the easiness and simplicity that one can afford. The long and lengthy processes of cooking are simply played out of the card and the inclusion is made only for the ones that our readers can easily make. The long and lengthy hourly process of cooking is substituted with minutes of time. There will be no requirement for the food to be cooked at one place and finished on the other rather it will just be like having an all in one type of thing, which will include cooking and finish simultaneously.