The Complete Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners by Andreas Janes [1097391345, Format: AZW3]

  • Title: The Complete Keto Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: Easy Keto Diet Recipes for Every day, Healthy Low-Carb, and Air Frying Recipes
  • Autor: Andreas Janes
  • Pages: 96
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Independently published (May 8, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1097391345
  • Download File Format: AZW3

Are you trying to live a healthy and happy life?
Do you want to improve your eating habits but still struggle with self-control and diets?
In this book you will learn :
•Keto Explained
•Air Fryer and How It Works?
•Breakfast Recipes•Main Recipes
•Veggies and Sides
•How to lose weight while eating fried food
•How to live healthier using Keto Air Fryer

Your air fryer can help you do this. Let’s start with some air fryer basics. It’s a kitchen appliance that’s easy to use, and it cooks your food by circulating hot air around it. It’s powered using mechanical fans, which you can increase the temperature of depending on what you’re trying to cook. It allows for a crispy finish too!
The best part is that it only requires a few drops of oil. With the ketogenic diet, you use a lot of healthy oil, but these oils can’t be cooked at high temperatures often. For example, olive oil is great for salad, but it’s not great for deep frying. They’re an affordable kitchen appliance that will fit any household. Luckily, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either! When you’re switching over to the ketogenic diet, giving up your comfort food can be something that’s extremely difficult. It’ll leave you with cravings that make you feel low when you aren’t satisfying them. You want unhealthy, crispy food.
You may caramelize onions or curry that you can’t quite have on the keto diet. The air fryer can help you to cook a healthy, ketogenic friendly version of your favorite foods. You can get crispy fried food without the high carbs and without the high calories. If you like ‘breading’ on your food, then the ketogenic diet becomes extremely difficult to follow without an air fryer instead, you’ll want to finely chop nuts and seeds to give it a similar coating.
Believe it or not, the air fryer isn’t just for fried food either. You can use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, side dishes and even desserts. You can create delicious meals at home, and it makes meals quickly. Since it uses hot air to cook your food it shortens the cooking time.