The Complete Diabetes Cookbook by Andy Hannah [PDF: B08BJNVGYV]

The Complete Diabetes Cookbook by Andy Hannah

  • Title: The Complete Diabetes Cookbook: An Introductory Guide and Over 100 Healthy Recipes to Manage Diabetes
  • Author: Andy Hannah
  • Pages: 254
  • Publisher (Publication Date): June 19, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format: PDF

Take Control with Healthy Recipes for Blood Sugar Management

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes, it is very important to eat properly. In this book, you will find many delicious and healthy recipes as well as practical information about Diabetes and a nutritional guide to deal with the disease and manage your blood sugar levels to prevent serious complications.

The Healthy Diabetes Diet & Cookbook Includes:

• An Essential Introduction
Practical information about Diabetes, Nutrients, Meal plan and how to eat healthily.

• Different Ways to Plan Meals
Plate Method, Counting Carbs and Mix and Match.

• Over 100 Diabetes-Friendly Recipes
Balanced Breakfasts, Poultry Mains, Fish & Seafood, Grains, Side Dishes, Salads, and Soups.