The Big Air Fryer Cookbook for Quarantine by Alice Cook [PDF: B088F46MQ5]

The Big Air Fryer Cookbook for Quarantine by Alice Cook

  • Title: The Big Air Fryer Cookbook for Quarantine: 800 Easy and Amazing Frying Recipes to Enjoy your Time at Home. Includes Alphabetic Glossary, Nutritional Facts and Some Low Carb Recipes
  • Autor: Alice Cook
  • Pages: 644
  • Publisher (Publication Date): May 9, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B088F46MQ5
  • Download File Format: PDF

Are you tired of being home all day with nothing to do?

Do you want to explore the endless recipes that an air fryer can offer you?

Cooking can be fun, and with this giant cookbook you will have enough recipes to fill your quarantine days and also for all the wonderful days that will come later on.

In fact, You Are 1-Click Away From Discovering How To Prepare 800 Mouthwatering Fried Foods!

Most of us love fried foods. I mean sinking your teeth into well-fried chicken that is crispy on the outside and soft and succulent in the inside is just an amazing mouthwatering experience.

Despite most well-fried food tasting great, the greatest downside of such foods is that you have to use a lot of oil to get that crispy coating outside.

You will agree with me that using that much oil is not only wasteful but is not the healthiest way to prepare food.

I know you are wondering…

Is there another way?

What is this other way?

And will you have produce the same, if not better quality, fried dishes using this other method?

The answer is a simple YES!

And this secret is the air fryer!

Thanks to air fryers, you can still enjoy fried food without all the unhealthy fat/oil and wastage!

With an air fryer, fry chips, chicken, fish, veggies and just anything you can imagine without using as much oil and the amazing thing is that it tastes just as great if not better.

There is only one problem…

After you’ve tried the obvious fried foods like fried fish, chicken, pork and other foods, you may soon run out of ideas of what to prepare next.

What do you do?

How do you introduce variety to your air frying to ensure you don’t get bored preparing the same old air fryer recipes?

What other meals can you prepare in the air fryer?

Is it remotely possible to turn your air fryer from just an air fryer to a multi-purpose cooking appliance?

How do you make the most use of the appliance?

If you have these and related questions, keep reading, as this book has the ins and outs of air frying to help you to unleash the air frying expert within using simple, easy to follow language that you can start applying right away!

And not just that; you will find hundreds of air fryer recipes ranging from breakfast to main meals, snacks and desserts to ensure you never run out of ideas when using an air fryer!

More precisely, the book will teach you:

Important tips to have in mind as you use your air fryer
Safety precautions to take even as you use the air fryer
Delicious and mouthwatering:

Breakfast Recipes
Lunch and dinner recipes
Sides dishes
Seafood recipes
Poultry recipes
Meat recipes
Vegetables recipes
Vegan recipes
Chicken recipes
Snacks recipes
Dessert recipes

And so much more

Are you ready to discover an endless variety of air fryer recipes?

After trying the recipes in this book, you can rest assured that you will probably never have to use fat/oils to fry your foods.

The book takes an easy to follow approach to help you start taking action right away. Don’t wait to get bored with your air fryer when this book has over 700 recipes that you can make with your air fryer!