Texas Slow Cooker: 125 Recipes for the Lone Star State’s by Cheryl Alters Jamison [1558328947, Format: EPUB]

Texas Slow Cooker: 125 Recipes for the Lone Star State’s Very Best Dishes, All Slow-Cooked to Perfection by Cheryl Jamison

Print Length: 208 Pages
Publisher: Harvard Common Press
Publication Date: September 12, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1558328947
ISBN-13: 978-1558328945
File Format: EPUB
Texas Slow Cooker provides southern flavors with cooking know-how from The Lone Star State.

Even great cooks, such as Cheryl Jamison, one of the preeminent authorities on American regional cuisine and the author of many award-winning cookbooks, occasionally prefer the make-ahead convenience, easy cleanup, and depth of slow-cooked flavor that you get when you use a slow cooker.

Co-author of the pioneering book Texas Home Cooking, Cheryl reveals in these pages that a stunning range of Lone Star gems, from chilis and stews to enchiladas and roasts, from bean or rice dishes to beef, bison, poultry, and shrimp, come out of the slow cooker brimming with flavor–and with a minimum of fuss for the cook.

These 125 recipes are full of delectable, down-home goodness, each one better than the last, and better even than its non-slow cooker counterpart. Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or feeding everyone at the family reunion, tastes like Chicken Chorizo Chili, Hill Country Goulash, Bison Short Ribs, and Venison Pot Roast will never disappoint.