Prepper’s Pantry by Robert Paine [EPUB: B00F5BVUCG]

Prepper's Pantry by Robert Paine

  • Title: Prepper’s Pantry: A Survival Food Guide
  • Author: Robert Paine
  • Pages: 52
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Roja Publishing (September 11, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B00F5BVUCG
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Prepper’s Pantry: A Survival Food Guide is an excellent resource and foundational guide that covers many topics of food preparation. Especially helpful for the seeker and the new-to-prepping, there are also many great ideas for even the seasoned prepper.

The reasons why you prep really don’t matter. What matters is how long you’re prepping for, and the means you go about doing it. This guide will show you how to determine your food needs, no matter how long you will be prepping for, and will discuss various methods of obtaining and storing food stockpiles.

Do you worry what would happen to your family in an emergency?

With the Prepper’s Pantry, you’ll learn the following:
– Discover how much is enough when prepping for survival – more or less than you think?
– Learn which foods store well, which you should avoid and why you shouldn’t follow someone else’s disaster preparedness plan.
– Consider commercial versus home prepared food storage techniques and devise your own best strategy.
– Get to grips with the what, where when and how of food storage basics and self sufficiency.
– Understand food and water safety and how to cook with stored foods.

You’ll learn all of this, and so much more, with Prepper’s Pantry: A Survival Food Guide!

Two FREE Sneak Peaks Also Included!

When disaster struck, Slade Thompson chose to stay behind during the evacuations. Being a hobby prepper, he was certain he had enough supplies to last at least a year, besides, everyone would be back in a few weeks, right?

Weeks have turned to months, and Slade is left with no idea why the people (and electricity) have failed to return. Dealing with his lack of supplies is quickly becoming an issue, and Slade is forced to venture out of the safety of his home in search of some.

What happens when he goes beyond the safe borders of his yard? Is he really as safe as he’d thought? How does Slade react when his neighborhood and home are threatened by raiders?

After a disaster that wiped out the East Coast, a vegetarian survivalist fiction writer and his family retire to the shores of a local lake to wait out the anarchy before the relief effort. The fiction he wrote becomes his reality as he relies on his books to give him the knowledge he needs to build, hunt, and survive in this new and foreign world.

Will they survive the oncoming winter?