Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook by Recipely [EPUB: B09XKNWBLD]

Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook by Recipely [EPUB: B09XKNWBLD]

  • Title: Outdoor Gas Griddle Cookbook: Best Recipes With Color Photos and Super Easy Directions. Secrets from Chefs, Manuals and Everything to Become the Best Griddler in Your Neighborhood in 3 Days
  • Author: Recipely
  • Pages: 287
  • Publisher (Publication Date): ‎ April 8, 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B09XKNWBLD
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Are you afraid of ruining your Blackstone or outdoor gas griddle, wasting food, or (even worse) making a bad impression on your friends and family at a barbecue? If you want to create amazing dishes in the next 24 hours and have the whole neighborhood envying your griddling skills, keep reading…

We understand that you’re currently in a weird situation! You’re experiencing the exhilaration of having an incredible tool in your hands, but dealing with the stress of not knowing where to start and the fear of ruining everything. Your family and friends are expecting great things from you and it’s making you stressed, doubtful, and unsure.

Maybe you don’t feel ready. Maybe you think you can’t handle an outdoor straightener. Don’t worry, we can guarantee that there are dozens of beginners who have started making amazing recipes and mastering their own outdoor straighteners after reading this book. All that’s missing is you!

Youhave the solution in your hands. Our community of griddlers, RECIPELY.CO, has allowed us to create the only cookbook with full-color HD photos that will help you create incredible recipes, make you more comfortable with your griddle, and help allow you to become a true griddler, like us! You’ll make your family happy. Your neighbors will envy you and your friends will go crazy over your dishes. Eventually, your only problem will be having too many guests over every night for dinner

This book is perfect if you own a Blackstone griddle or any other outdoor griddle or grill. It was made possible thanks to our community, which is made up of owners of Blackstone griddles and other outdoor gas griddles

With this cookbook and guide to using your griddle, you’ll be able to:
– Start your griddle easily, without making mistakes
– Know how to condition and store your griddle or grill
– Make the perfect first seasoning so you don’t ruin your griddle
– Discover the secrets behind all the main ingredients and tricks that no one tells you
Best of all:
– You’ll have access to dozens of the best recipes around, selected by the RECIPELY.CO community (one of the largest communities of chefs, cooks, and amateurs across America)
– Variations of recipes leading to THOUSANDS of culinary combinations (that’s right, thousands!)
– All recipes have high-resolution, full color photos (yes, you read that right, all in color)

– Recipes for: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
– Recipes using: beef, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood
– Recipes for: burgers and smash burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, snacks, etc.
– Recipes for: vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free individuals
– Recipes for: camping and vacationing

True, you could go on YouTube and start watching long tutorials to learn a lot of fragmented and disconnected information. We actually encourage that you do so, but only once you have already mastered the dish and have some experience with all the techniques

While you could just print recipes from Pinterest, do you know where those recipes came from? They started in a book like this one, created by real American chefs. This book will be your trade secret and reference guide. After buying and reading this book, you will be free to go around the internet and download as many recipes as you want because you will be able to cook them all

Even if you’ve never cooked or used a griddle before, this book will help you go from zero to pro in no time. If you’d like, you can even join our community and contribute your own recipes

You are literally saving hundreds by not throwing away food, ruining your griddle, or even worse, losing the desire to cook and putting your griddle aside because of your current lack of knowledge

Now, you’re only one click away from becoming a griddler and joining us. It’s your turn!