Marijuana Cookbook for the Sweet Tooth by Caroline Cobb [EPUB: B089G464PJ]

Marijuana Cookbook for the Sweet Tooth by Caroline Cobb

  • Title: Marijuana Cookbook for the Sweet Tooth: Master the Making, Baking, Using, and Cooking with Cannabis Oil, Butter, and Tincture in a Sweet Evil Art of Homemade … Desserts and Candy Edibles (Canna lovers 1)
  • Author: Caroline Cobb
  • Pages: 108
  • Publisher (Publication Date): May 30, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B089G464PJ
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Dislike smoking but still want to enjoy the natural miracle of cannabis? Then this cannabis dessert cookbook is for you. This cookbook will show you how to make delicious edibles with cannas. Let us fulfill your sweet tooth and experimental craving in one go!

Eating medical marijuana gives you a more powerful and longer high, spares your lungs, and allows you to enjoy in private. This makes it perfect for people who just want to add cannabis into food for enjoyment or patients who need steady relief from pain. Marijuana Cookbook for the Sweet Tooth is specially designed for health-conscious bakery beginners and candymakers who want to know how weed can be incorporated into baked goods and sweets.

You will also get basic information like what medicinal cannabis to use, what cannabis CBD and THC edibles are, and how to calculate dosage. And there is a pack of tips and tricks for cooking with cannabis that will be very useful for anyone.

Making yummy cannabis desserts doesn’t have to be a chore. With this cookbook’s easy-to-follow instructions, it is simple. You will be able to make edibles in the comfort of your home. If you enjoy sweet desserts, then you will love this cookbook. Do yourself a favor and make every dessert enjoyable and delicious by following the steps in the recipes inside. This dessert cookbook will arm you with everything you need to decide for yourself if the edible cannabis is right for you.

Marijuana Cookbook for the Sweet Tooth not only gives recipes for cannabis brownies or cannabis gummies, but also provides recipes for eight basic canna ingredients. You will know how to make canna oil, make cannabis butter, get cannabis tincture recipes, and more. You will then be able to use ALL of them for baking and sweets. This cookbook has more than 50 recipes using different ingredients like canna flower, canna and coconut oil, and weed butter so everyone can find desserts for their liking. Just follow the simple methods to make some of the most satisfying canna cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and ice creams, and much, much more.
If you are ready to start trying some absolutely delicious marijuana dessert recipes, scroll up and buy this book NOW!

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