Make Sausage Yourself by Jagger Davis [EPUB: B08P36Q2QZ]

Make Sausage Yourself by Jagger Davis [EPUB: B08P36Q2QZ]

  • Title: Make Sausage Yourself: The big book on sausage production Sausage, smoking and curing with natural ingredients. The most delicious recipes for ham, bacon, salami, sausages
  • Author: Jagger Davis
  • Pages: 116
  • Publisher (Publication Date): ‎ November 23, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B08P36Q2QZ
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Make sausage yourself
The big book is on sausage production – Sausages, smoking and curing with natural ingredients – The most delicious recipes for ham, bacon, salami and sausages.

Do you like to eat sausage and ham?
Have you been planning to try sausage for a while?
Would you like to offer your family and friends delicious sausages of all kinds?
It is interesting and important for you to know exactly what is in the sausage and the ham that you eat every day?

If you can only answer one of these questions with “yes”, then this sausage making book is all you need!
This extensive recipe book informs you about the different ways of preparing sausage. At the beginning of each recipe, you will learn the preparation method and the time required so that you can plan accordingly. Use the detailed list of ingredients to write your shopping list. With the ingredients at hand, the necessary utensils – and above all with the accompanying step-by-step instructions, you can feel happy when you get to work. In fact, making sausage is easier than you might have thought. If you start with a quick and easy to implement sausage recipe, the first success will come by itself. Little by little you can dare to try more elaborate recipes. You will see that the time and effort invested are definitely worth it! Bought sausages will soon be a thing of the past.

What you will learn in this book:

★ Make the advantages of sausage yourself
★ Overview of various types of meat and sausage
★ Make over 100 homemade sausage recipes for home
★ How to make your first own sausage yourself
★ Which casing is used for which sausage
★ What curing is
★ How hot and cold smoking works
★ Tasty ham recipes
★ Delicious bacon recipes
★ Various salami recipes
★ Your own bratwurst recipes for grilling and roasting
★ Natural sausages and cold cuts recipes
★ Pate & Spread Sausage Recipes
★ Wild sausage and aspic recipes
★ How to make meat loaf and sauerkraut yourself
★ Vegetarian sausage recipes
★ All recipes with complete instructions and step-by-step instructions, also suitable for absolute beginners
★… and much more!