Make It Easily! Bread Basic Baking Guide for Beginners by Sarah Ray [PDF: B08NPNBN4C]

Make It Easily! Bread Basic Baking Guide for Beginners by Sarah Ray [PDF: B08NPNBN4C]

  • Title: Make It Easily! Bread Basic Baking Guide for Beginners: Homemade Yeast and Yeast-Free Easy-to-Bake Bread Recipes
  • Author: Sarah Ray
  • Pages: 75
  • Publisher (Publication Date):November 16, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B08NPNBN4C
  • Download File Format:PDF

This book is for those who know nothing about bread but want to try baking their first loaf.

Most importantly, there is no unnecessary information that will confuse you, ensuring this book and its contents will be easy to understand and follow.

Also, there are no 500 recipes for different types of bread with varying ingredients, which typically leave the readers lost and confused.

In this book, there are only six basic recipes

based on standard classic baking techniques,

each planned step by step so

that there is simply no chance of failure!

This baking book has been created specifically for beginners who desire to bake bread for the very first time, yet don’t know if they will do it again in the future. Therefore, I will not urge you to buy any special equipment, and I’ll resist against immersing you in long stories about the technology of flour production.

I will tell you the process for creating a starter in simple terms, in addition to how it looks and behaves at each stage of its growth. With this crucial information, you will be able to track your process step by step, correct mistakes if something goes wrong, knead bread, and then form simple buns.

So just trust me, follow step by step, and I assure you that you will succeed!

With a little patience, you can surprise your family and friends with your first delicious bread.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to control your bread’s unique composition and then enjoy the personal taste of your newly-created, healthy product.

I hope this book is the beginning of your new passion — baking!

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