Iconic Chicago Dishes, Drinks and Desserts by Amy Bizzarri [1540201619, Format: EPUB]

  • Title: Iconic Chicago Dishes, Drinks and Desserts
  • Autor: Amy Bizzarri
  • Pages:
  • Publisher (Publication Date): History Press Library Editions 2016-12-05
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1540201619
  • Download File Format: EPUB

The food that fuels hardworking Chicagoans needs to be hearty, portable and inexpensive. Enterprising locals transform standard fare into Chicago classics, including Spinning Salad, Flaming Saganaki, Jumpballs, Jim Shoes, Pizza Puffs and Pullman Bread. The restaurants, bakeries, taverns and pushcarts cherished from one generation to the next offer satisfying warmth in winter and sweet refreshment in summer. This timeless balancing act produced icons like the Cape Cod Room s Bookbinder Soup and the Original Rainbow Cone, as well as Andersonville Coffee Cake and Taylor Street s Italian Lemonade. Featuring select stories and recipes, author Amy Bizzarri surveys the delectable landscape of Chicago s homegrown culinary hits.”

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