Healthy Keto Bread Machine Cookbook by Bobbie W. Smith [EPUB: 9798592636554]

Healthy Keto Bread Machine Cookbook by Bobbie W. Smith

  • Title: Healthy Keto Bread Machine Cookbook: Quick, Delicious and Budget-Friendly Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users
  • Author: Bobbie W. Smith
  • Pages: 133
  • Publisher (Publication Date): January 5, 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: 9798592636554
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Keto Bread is similar in texture to normal wheat bread but has about 20 times fewer carbs than regular bread. The best thing about the keto bread is that you can eat as much as you are able to without worrying about adding weight or sugar spikes. The flours that make the keto bread do not have the ordinary carbs present in other flours like wheat.
Coconut flour and almond flour are the most common alternatives to grain flour used to make low carb breads. However, some people are allergic to almonds and in such cases, they can only use coconut flour.

A bread machine or sometimes known as a bread maker is a useful kitchen appliance that will help you a lot to serve warm, fresh, and delicious homemade bread from your lovely kitchen. Using a bread machine helps in avoiding kitchen mess as the bread machine does everything from mixing to kneading, and baking. Yes, it sounds like magic, but it is really. Just imagine warm bread and a clean kitchen. Bread machines keep your allergies under control. By this, we mean that you can choose the ingredients you want and create a bread that is allergen-free and one that will not cause any harm to your body. This feature is very appreciated by those who are gluten-intolerant or have issues with yeast infections. You can make your own bread that is way better than the store-bought version, at a low cost, and, you know it is created in a clean environment where cross-contamination is not possible.

Bread machines save money. Yes, bread machines may be expensive initially, but buying bread every day, or even just every week, is more expensive. Not to mention all of that thrown away bread, the stale bread that no one wants to eat anymore. With each slice, you are throwing away your money. The bread machine maker allows you to make smaller or larger loaves and ones that fit your family’s dietary and consumption habits. Besides, making bread from scratch is always cheaper than buying it at the store.
This book covers the following topics:

What is Keto Diet?

Introduction to Keto Bread Machine

Keto Bread Machine Recipes

30 Meal Day Plans

…And much more

Bread machines produce better bread quality. Fresh bread is fresh bread, and no store-bought version can compete with that. Also, what about that chewy, rubber-like bread you sometimes get? Something like that will never happen to you with a bread making machine. The homemade bread is made with natural ingredients and does not have any additives. The additives which are used in store-bought bread can keep it fresher for a longer time, but they affect the texture. So, it is always better to make bread fresh and additive-free, than to eat “fake-fresh” bread for days.

Bread machines are easy to use. The bread machine looks like a simple appliance, and believe us, it is. If you are not good with the baking process and somehow you always end up with over- or under-cooked foods, you can skip this worry as the bread making machine bakes it all to the perfection.