F*CK, That’s Good! by Justin Godwin, Thom Mienk [PDF: B07N955CJ9]

F*CK, That's Good! by Justin Godwin, Thom Mienk

  • Title: F*CK, That’s Good!
  • Autor: Justin Godwin, Thom Mienk
  • Pages:
  • Publisher (Publication Date): January 30, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10:
  • ASIN: B07N955CJ9
  • Download File Format: PDF

“What do you want to eat?” It’s a horrible little question that leads to arguments and broken relationships. Thom and Justin’s solution is simple — crack open ‘F*CK, That’s Good!’ and find a recipe that strokes everyone’s hunger pangs. These guys are amateur foodies who believe cooking, humor, and foul language are a winning combination. From ‘F*cking Gooey and Glistening Baked Italian Fontina’ to ‘A F*ck Ton of Garlic Chicken,’ these dishes will elicit foodgasms like you’ve never felt before!