Copycat Cookbook by Arsenio Islas [PDF: B08GG97V86]

Copycat Cookbook by Arsenio Islas

  • Title:Copycat Cookbook: Japanese Cuisine +100 Delicious, Quick and Easy Recipes to Follow to Prepare your Favorite Dishes at the Home Restaurant. Including Cooking Techniques for Beginners, From Appetizers
  • Author: Arsenio Islas
  • Pages: 195
  • Publisher (Publication Date): August 20, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08GG97V86
  • Download File Format: PDF

If you want to know how you can cook famous Japanese recipes in the most authentic way, then keep reading…

Japanese cuisine has a lot to offer. From the familiar takeout favorites like ramen and sushi to some of the everyday staples like miso soups and teriyaki chicken, this book will teach you how to make all of these at the comfort of your own home. Japanese recipes can be mastered very quickly in a matter of a few days. This book is basically an introductory guide to the world of Japanese cuisine, especially for those who have no idea about the basic ingredients or cooking styles. There are so many mouthwatering dishes spread across different chapters that you will have something new to make at every weekend dinner. You will also find several unique and helpful tips on the ingredients and the cooking process to make things simpler.

It is okay to feel intimidated at first, but as you read through this book, you will find that with practice, mastering the art of Japanese cuisine is not that difficult as you thought it would be. Every recipe has been provided with step-by-step instructions and pointers, wherever applicable, to prep your favorite recipes exactly the way they are cooked in authentic restaurants. Once you finish this book, you will have an overall idea of what things you need to stock up in your kitchen to make these recipes at home. Then you can go to the supermarket to buy those essentials along with any tools or utensils that you might need for specific recipes.

Every information in this book has been written in a simplified manner so that even a non-specialist can read it without any difficulty. Since this is a beginner-friendly book, you will learn some easy cooking methods like ohitashi, agebitashi, making onigirazu, and so on.

Here is a summarized version of all the key points which have been mentioned in this book –

•A basic introduction to Japanese cuisine
•Tasty recipes like different types of sushi, soups, and desserts
•Simplified cooking techniques and tips
•And more…

Even if you think that delving into the world of Japanese cuisine is going to be tough, give this book a try. All those delicious dishes that you enjoy at restaurants can easily be made at home. All you need to have is the willingness to learn. The recipes mentioned in this book require minimum fuss and are very healthy too.

With this book, the main aim has been to capture the essence of Japanese cuisine in its truest form. This book will not only give you recipes of some familiar favorites but also some lesser-known yet equally exciting dishes. Following simple cooking techniques does not mean that you have to compromise on taste, and this book is going to prove to you that. Imagine having sushi whenever you want, wouldn’t that be amazing?