Copycat: 4 Manuscripts by Arsenio Islas [EPUB: B08L6Q1TC2]

Copycat: 4 Manuscripts by Arsenio Islas

  • Title: Copycat: 4 Manuscripts: American Cuisine Japanese Cuisine Thai Cuisine Mexican Cuisine
  • Author: Arsenio Islas
  • Pages: 848
  • Publisher (Publication Date): October 13, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08L6Q1TC2
  • Download File Format:EPUB

If you want to BENEFIT, then keep reading…

This book is a bundle of four books, you will learn how to prepare tons of delicious recipes from American cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Thai cuisine, Mexican cuisine. You will also learn how to cook the various recipes in many different ways, the recipe book is complete from appetizer to dessert…. but that’s not all, each book introduces you to its culinary tradition by describing it in a specific way. Each method has been tested and perfected, so you should find them to produce the best quality dishes. Some are easier and some require a little more preparation, but with nearly 500 recipes you should be able to find one for any occasion. You will be provided with a brief list of utensils and other tools necessary for successfully preparing your favorite menus. You might want to consider preparing double batches and freezing portions for another time; they are so delicious. You will find tons of recipes that cover all of these delicious categories.

◆ Copycat Cookbook: Japanese Cuisine 100+ Delicious, Quick and Easy Recipes to Follow to Prepare your Favorite Dishes at the Home Restaurant. Including Cooking Techniques for Beginners, from Appetizers to Desserts

◆ Copycat Recipes Making: American Cuisine 100+ Delicious Recipes The Complete Step-By-Step Guide for Making Your Favorite Restaurant Recipes at Home. From Appetizers to Desserts

◆ Copycat Recipes Cookbook: Thai Cuisine 100+ Tasty Recipes. The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Cooking Delicious Dishes, from Appetizers to Desserts

◆ Copycat Recipes: Mexican Cuisine 100+ Delicious, Quick and Easy Recipes, Including Cooking Techniques for Beginners, From Appetizers to Desserts

Even if you think that delving into the world of Cuisine is going to be tough, give this book a try. All those delicious dishes that you enjoy at restaurants can easily be made at home. All you need to have is the willingness to learn. The recipes mentioned in this book require minimum fuss and are very healthy too.

With this book, the main aim has been to capture the essence of Cuisine in its truest form. This book will not only give you recipes of some familiar favorites but also some lesser-known yet equally exciting dishes. Following simple cooking techniques does not mean that you have to compromise on taste, and this book is going to prove to you that. Happy reading and good appetite!