Awesome Warm and Cold Soups by Ivy Hope [PDF: B08H815GT8]

Awesome Warm and Cold Soups by Ivy Hope

  • Title: Awesome Warm and Cold Soups!: Delicious Soup Recipes for Everyone!
  • Author: Ivy Hope
  • Pages: 60
  • Publisher (Publication Date): September 1, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B08H815GT8
  • Download File Format: PDF

Is there a bad day to have a soup? I do not think so at all. Some people will swear that they will not sip on a soup on a hot day. I can respect that. However, I personally often drink hot coffee during sweaty summer days. Your body actually readjust its temperatures in consequence, making you feel just the way you are supposed to at that time. Therefore, to those, I will respond, please if you are thinking about a soup. Go for it! Grab your pot, your veggies, and your blender perhaps, and let us make a delightful homemade soup.

There are as many soups possibilities as they are vegetables and then some more. There should be a favorite soup for everyone, and we hope you find that very special one in our cookbook full or joyful and yummy soup recipes.

We will use some fresh ingredients from the produce section of your grocery store, the local product market or even better your own garden if you are lucky enough to have one. At times, we will add some cream, milk, sour cream, cheese or other dairy products. We will play with herbs, spices and some sugars, fruits or additional sauces to enhance the main ingredients.

Let us continue discovering this wonderful cookbook we made just for you by sharing some very interesting facts about soups and preparation of soups.