Authentic African Recipes by Julia Chiles [EPUB: 1691595217]

Authentic African Recipes by Julia Chiles

  • Title: Authentic African Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Regional African Dish Ideas!
  • Author: Julia Chiles
  • Pages: 103
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Independently published (September 7, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1691595217
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Do you find yourself sometimes craving the comforting and warm flavors found in African cuisine?

From the slowly cooked meats flavored with local spices to stews made with whatever vegetable is in season, this recipe book brings the tastes of Africa to you.

Africa offers meat and fish dishes, as well as vegetarian type meals that are healthy for your body without being hard on your wallet. With all the popularity of Asian and Latin foods, it’s high time that the world catches on to the vibrant, differing cuisines of the African continent.

Delving into African cooking is not difficult. This cookbook will introduce you to the various cuisines of the immense continent of Africa. You’ll also learn to use unique spices and blends that will add flavor to the vegetables and meats.

Africa is second largest of all continents, and their history of foreign colonization dates back to the times of the ancients, from countries known now as Portugal, Great Britain, France and Greece. These settlers made a positive and lasting impression on the traditional dishes of Africa.

You will find that there are many variations in local cooking in Africa, along with regional variations that will flavor your meals in ways you can’t imagine. Let’s start today…