A Survival Guide. The Prepper’s Pantry by Collin Bradford [EPUB: B09XB7RRD7]

A Survival Guide. The Prepper's Pantry by Collin Bradford [EPUB: B09XB7RRD7]

  • Title: A Survival Guide. The Prepper’s Pantry: Acquiring, Stockpiling and Storing Food: Long-Term Storage, and Cooking Life-Saving Supply Food for … (Cooking Recipes) (Self-Sufficient Living)
  • Author: Collin Bradford
  • Pages: 159
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Independently published (April 11, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B09XB7RRD7
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Does food stockpiling seem too much work for you? Do you struggle with the planning and budgeting of it all? Is it really worth the time and effort?
Well, yes, it really is!

Having doubts or second thoughts about food stockpiling is normal in this age of mass production, where things are just one click away. But, in a crisis situation, it is still important to ensure food safety for you and your family. You can stock up your pantry for a few days, months or even for a year, depending on your needs. With this Survival Guide, you can learn not only about the importance of acquiring and stocking food, but also about the different ways of preserving and storing all sorts of food items.

This comprehensive handbook is going to help you prepare to survive on the stocked food in your home in case of any emergency, disaster, power outages, or living off the grid. With budget-friendly tips and suggestions, you can learn the art of smart buying without making stockpiling a burden on your budget.
Here is what you will learn from this cookbook:

Why do you Need a Pantry?

What is a Perfect Pantry like?

Food Storage Equipment and Tips

Before and During the Power Outages

72-Hour Emergency Food Kit

Food to Stock for 2-3 Months

Food to Store for a Year

Packaging of Dry Products

Methods of Preservation

Water Storage and Treatment

Much more…

With this all-in-one survival food acquiring handbook, you will have a variety of ideas in one place to cook food during any emergency, immediate, short-term or long-term, with complete ease.

Don’t leave your survival up to chance!