Know Your Food by Diana Elena Dumitras [PDF: 9086862640]

Know Your Food by Diana Elena Dumitras

  • Title: Know Your Food: Food Ethics and Innovation
  • Author: Diana Elena Dumitras
  • Pages: 434
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Wageningen Academic Pub (May 18, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9086862640
  • Download File Format:PDF

Food production and consumption is no longer a traditional activity. Every day we make choices that influence not only our health, but also that of other living beings, and our planet. Our food cultures are changing rapidly. Do we still know our food? And if not, is that a bad thing? This book presents the state of the art in agriculture and food ethics. It considers a wide range of ethics and innovation topics in agriculture, aquaculture, markets, consumption and food culture. Its multi-disciplinary analysis by the many authors helps to understand our current global challenges. At the same time it opens a wide range of new possibilities for future debate, research and reflection towards a sustainable world.The book will appeal to anyone interested in agriculture, animal and food ethics. To students and people looking for a quick overview it offers a wide range of issues. Experienced readers will find a deepened analysis and new themes and perspectives adding to the existing body of knowledge.