Plant-Based Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Sandra Schumer [EPUB: B088HCXQVP]

Plant-Based Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Sandra Schumer

  • Title:Plant-Based Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Quick & Easy Recipes for a Healthy, Plant-Based Lifestyle | With Recipe Pictures, Meal Plan & Shopping Lists
  • Autor: Sandra Schumer
  • Pages: 149
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Sandra Schumer (May 11, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Eat Right for a better life – a cookbook full of exciting, quick and easy, plant-based whole food recipes.

This book offers 5-ingredient, easy to prepare and delicious recipes for healthy living.

Sandra Schumer, Amazon’s best selling author carefully develops exciting and delicious recipes that will help you get back on track for health.

With real-world results of plant based eating, get yourself equipped to vanquish obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic illnesses .

With a goal oriented approach, this cookbook delivers high quality recipes from the best of farm fresh, healthy organic plant-based food ingredient choices that help navigate you toward living healthier and happier.

Specifically in this book, you’ll learn…

About the Plant-Based Diet

8 Most Popular Plant-Based Diets

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Plant-Based Diet

4 Week Meal Plan

Weekly Shopping Lists

Breakfast Recipes

Lunch Recipes

DInner Recipes

Images of all Recipes