Starter Thai Hot Pot Cookbook by Stephanie Sharp [EPUB: B083TKPXC3]

Starter Thai Hot Pot Cookbook by Stephanie Sharp

  • Title: Starter Thai Hot Pot Cookbook: Delectable Yet Simple Thai Hot Pot Recipes
  • Autor: Stephanie Sharp
  • Pages: 77
  • Publisher (Publication Date): January 13, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B083TKPXC3
  • Download File Format: EPUB

Do you enjoy cooking FOR other people? Only one thing could be better, and that is cooking with the people you enjoy being with.

Each year many people follow this trend, especially when it comes to Thai hot pot cooking. This cookbook will teach you how simple and fun it to create these meals, and the real entertainment for these get-togethers is the cooking.

Let’s look at how hot pot cooking works.

Serving a meal in this method, first, you’ll cook up a tasty broth, then serve it nice and hot at the table. Next, use selected meats and fish to surround the hot pot, garnishes and add-ons, allowing persons to individually prepare their own custom dinner using ingredients of their preference.

This minimal preparation (heating the broth, slicing veggies and meat) leaves you with more time to enjoy with friends, instead of being in the kitchen while they are visiting in another room. These are memorable dinner parties. Enjoy preparing a hot pot recipe today!