The Slow Cooker Bible Cookbook by Lena Cockle [EPUB: B0BNV54M74]

The Slow Cooker Bible Cookbook by Lena Cockle [EPUB: B0BNV54M74]

  • Title: The Slow Cooker Bible Cookbook: 1200 Days of Delicious and Affordable Crock Pot Recipes for Beginners
  • Author: Lena Cockle
  • Pages: 154
  • Publisher (Publication Date): Independently published (December 3, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10, ISBN-13 or ASIN: B0BNV54M74
  • Download File Format:EPUB

What If You Could Bring the Joy of Granma’s Home Cooked Meals Back and Experience Those Delicious and Touching Times Once Again?

This cookbook is something special, something I have put my heart and soul into. It’s not just another Crock Pot recipe book you can get in any store. And what is really special about this book is that you’ll find the same recipes my own grandma used to use when I was just a small child. I could not resist them!

I even remember when my mom used to warn me: “don’t rush. It’s still very hot!” They were soooo delicious!

So now, I decided to bring back this joy to your home and help you enjoy the same amazing recipes you can cook for your whole family using the perfect kitchen tool – Crock Pot.

Check out what’s inside:

What must you know about slow cooking before you start?
Why slow cooking is superior to other cooking methods
Tools and equipment you need and how to NOT spend too much on it
A collection of adorable breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes your whole family will love
Do you enjoy delicious home-cooked desserts?
Are you a fan of meat, or do you prefer meatless? There are loads of amazing recipes for you!
Different slow cooking techniques and which one should you use for a particular meal
Extra tips to make you a Slow-Cooking master, even if you have no prior experience!
So much more!

This cookbook is special to me, and I don’t want you to take it for granted as well. So take it, use it, enjoy it and share it with those you love!