Dehydration Cookbook by James Damita [EPUB: B08QW6PSJS]

Dehydration Cookbook by James Damita

  • Title: Dehydration Cookbook: Drying has never been so incredibly easy & delicious! Learn the art of drying with these 77 selected dehydration recipes
  • Author: James Damita
  • Pages:95
  • Publisher (Publication Date): December 16, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format:EPUB

Drying food in the comfort of your own home – is that even possible?
When looking at the ingredients, many people wonder whether it might not be healthier to preserve food themselves. Everyone here has certain ideas in mind andpreserving is one of the possibilities, however, many important nutrients are lost due to the high temperatures. Aside from preservation, this is exactly what it is about: preserving the nutrients. What the healthy food is if there is nothing nutrient left in it?
The search for different preservation methods has certainly brought you to the subject of drying. However, that sounds not only lengthy, but also complicated. One mistake in drying process can make youdiscard the food, moreover, excessive heat also results in a loss of nutrients. If the drying time is too short, the food will become moldier than you would like. Still, you want to try the big wide world of drying! With this book you will be able to dry your own food in no time.

In this book you will learn …
The compulsory basic knowledge about drying
How exactly does the drying process work and what should be considered?
Temperatures up or down: Ideal guide values and what it is all about
Storage errors and how you can avoid them
Oven vs. Dehydrator: The winner is …
How to let your creativity run free and become a professional dehydrator
77 dry foods: 23 delicious dry recipes and 54 recipes with food to be dried
Which are the typical mistakes in drying
and many more secrets
100% money-back guarantee: If you do not like the book, you will get your money back from Amazon within a week without any “ifs or buts”.
Take the chance and buy this book NOW so that you can benefit from the most important insights from the world of dehydration and dry your food like a real professional.