Captivating Cookie Recipes by Grace Berry [PDF: B08FRDDQDV]

Captivating Cookie Recipes by Grace Berry

  • Title:Captivating Cookie Recipes: Captivate Your Taste Buds with These Sweet Homemade Cookies!
  • Author: Grace Berry
  • Pages:69
  • Publisher (Publication Date): ugust 11, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format: PDF

A warm, chewy cookie is the perfect treat whether with a glass of milk, on its own or with a scoop of ice-cream. Whether you like the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie or you’re looking for something new like the Choco-Oat-Nut cookie, we’ve got you!

For this book, I’ve put together some of my favourite classic cookie recipes and some special made ones as well. All of these indulgent cookies are simply delicious, and you’ll definitely enjoy them.