Jamaican Soups by MiQuel Marvin Samuels [EPUB: 9769581003]

Jamaican Soups by MiQuel Marvin Samuels

  • Title: Jamaican Soups: Nature’s Food for Brain Body in Harmony
  • Autor: MiQuel Marvin Samuels
  • Pages: 58
  • Publisher (Publication Date):Liberate PEOPLE (June 4, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9769581003
  • Download File Format: EPUB

I completed the cookbooks JAMAICAN DINNERS, JAMAICAN BREAKFASTS, and JAMAICAN CAKES; now JAMAICAN SOUPS. This book will give you a Jamaica’s perspective on Caribbean soups. The three proper food groups are protein and minerals for building the body, vegetable and fruits to keep the body in good working order, and oils and grains that fuel the body. This cookbook teaches how to use these ingredients. You will benefit from their nutritional values. (1) Beef Soup (2) Chicken Foot Soup | Joints and Cuts of Meats and Poultry(3) Chicken Soup (4) Conch Soup(5) Cow Soup – Party Soup(6) Cow’s Cod Soup, or Cow’s Cod Soup(7) Fish Tea (8) Fish Soup (9) Gungo Peas, or Green Beans Soup (10) Janga Soup (River Shrimp Soup) (11) Mannish Water (Goat Head, Belly Soup) (12) Mixed Beans Beef Soup(13) Pepper Pot Soup (14) Red Peas or Kidney Beans Soup | Stove’s Settings & Gauges(15) Herbs Vegetables Nutriments | Tips and Advice | Conclusion, Enjoy, cooking Jamaica’s soups in your own kitchen. Surprise your friends from Jamaica. Surprise your spouse from Jamaica. Buy this book now. Start to practice my methods. They will love you. Take a slurp; taste Jamaican soups yourself. Here is Jamaica’s soup secret recipes cookbook.