Vegan Diet by Anne Cren [PDF: B082R57PN7]

Vegan Diet by Anne Cren

  • Title: Vegan Diet: Simple, healthy and mouth-watering plant-based recipes that anyone can cook
  • Autor: Anne Cren
  • Pages: 73
  • Publisher (Publication Date): December 13, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B082R57PN7
  • Download File Format: PDF

Do you want to be healthy?
What shall we eat
Do you want to be satisfied?

This book is the answer to all your questions
The vegan lifestyle is very popular today, and you may have heard of some of these benefits. In the long run, this kind of diet can not only help you improve your health but also help you improve your physical strength and make some changes that can completely change your life. You can easily find the basics of a vegan lifestyle in this book, including what you should eat, what you should avoid, its benefits, and some recipes for your beginners to start this new life the way.
This book is for those who are curious about the vegen lifestyle but don’t know where to start. This “Vegan Lifestyle” recipe looks forward to helping people change their lives with diet. Once your journey begins, nothing will stop you.
What will you find in this book?

Basic tips before starting a vegen diet
Breakfast: healthy ice cream, chia pudding, potato cake
Lunch: Cauliflower Tabule, Thai Sweet Potato Pie, Almost Instant Chili
Soup: P Soup, Pistachio Soup, North African Pumpkin
Main power source: Martin Shaw Shaped Pie, Almond Cake, Artichoke, Cocoa Seeds
Salad: Super raw salad and seasoning rich in omega, French tomato salad, nutritious rice salad and sesame, and orange juice
Dishes: Egg Plant Vindaloo with Soft Options, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Glazed Sesame Skewers
Sauces: Low-fat pesto, homemade nut, and seed butter, cashew yogurt
Dessert: Delicious Lemon Slice, Chocolate Banana Kaye
Bread: bread machine bread
Christmas: Mediterranean wild mushroom pie, pickled peppers
Summer: potato salad, frozen fruit kebabs, grilled peppers, olives and peanuts

You will find the simple recipes to surprise you, not to mention the taste of the meals you can create, I’m sure it will make your family speechless!
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what are you waiting for? Have fun with this book and start a new healthy vegan lifestyle.