Welcome to Lebanon by Angel Burns [AZW3: 1695742214]

Welcome to Lebanon by Angel Burns

  • Title: Welcome to Lebanon: Authentic Lebanese Recipes for Authentic Lebanese Cuisine Lovers
  • Autor: Angel Burns
  • Pages: 68
  • Publisher (Publication Date):September 25, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1695742214
  • Download File Format: AZW3

Did you know you could be Lebanese without having the actual Lebanese citizenship document? No joke at all! This cookbook would not only teach you how to make Lebanese dishes and delicacies, but it would also help you become Lebanese by teaching you her rich culture as a whole. If you are not Lebanese, get ready to obtain another citizenship! Because you might just be on the verge of becoming Lebanese. Are you excited about the prospect of becoming Lebanese? Why don’t you take this opportunity? From this book, you could learn to make sumptuous, mouth-watering, delicious and irresistible traditional dishes such as :

• Collard greens and Lentil soup
• Chicken with chicken peas
• Traditional Kaffa
• Lemon Zenkoul
• Authentic Lamb Shawarma

That is not all, you know, there are so many more waiting for you to discover them. Sitting down there would not help you get your Lebanese citizenship; neither will it fill your stomach with great dishes. With our cookbook, you are just one step away from Lebanon. Get your cookbook today. Follow me to Lebanon, the land of the cedar trees.