Bread Baking by Emma Gacia [PDF: B08HRK9LFG]

Bread Baking by Emma Gacia

  • Title: Bread Baking: The best 202 bread recipes to make your life easier with yeast and sourdough – from beginner to professional incl. 27 spread recipes
  • Author: Emma Gacia
  • Pages: 215
  • Publisher (Publication Date): September 9, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Download File Format: PDF

★★You will learn how to bake bread quickly and easily and how to avoid the most common mistakes with ease with this guide.★★
★★You will receive the best homemade bread recipes that almost anyone can prepare with ease – from beginners to professionals.★★

This book is an asset to your life!

The best bread recipes with yeast and sourdough and precise recipe information – without having to worry that the dough will stick or be too runny. The 202 best bread recipes are a real treat – whether for breakfast, dinner or as a side dish. Finally, you never again have problems baking bread.

This book includes :

✓ … a step by step guide on how to bake bread yourself

✓ … the utensils that you really need

✓ … the secret of the best ingredients for perfect bread

✓ … the truth about proper kneading

✓ … the mistakes that nobody will tell you and how to avoid them

✓ … the 202 best bread recipes for the perfect bread

✓ … never again being overwhelmed, never again having problems with the dough, never again sticky bread

✓ … exclusive and one-time bonuses: 27 spread recipes… and much more!

With this book, you will become your own master baker. You will not only learn the secrets of the best bakers in the world, but also apply them yourself. Your first bread can be on your breakfast table tomorrow and enchant your family.