Kuckunniw Fields Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Philip Kuckunniw [PDF: 9798663745703]

Kuckunniw Fields Guide to Edible Wild Plants by Philip Kuckunniw

  • Title: Kuckunniw Fields Guide to Edible Wild Plants – The Lost Art of Food Foraging in North America
  • Author:Philip Kuckunniw
  • Pages: 175
  • Publisher (Publication Date):July 4, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9798663745703
  • Download File Format: PDF

Wild plants are not only beautiful, but they can also be an inexpensive and sustainable way to add flavour and nutrition to your diet. Wild edible plants provide you with the essential information and directions to start looking for wild edible plants and include them in your diet.

Edible wild plants provide profiles of common edible wild plants and include information on dangerous similarities, the best time to harvest, where to find all kinds of wild plants and how to grow your garden. From natural remedies to delicious exotic dishes and cocktails, Edible Wild Plants offers more ways to use these newly discovered ingredients.

Everyone knows that some mushrooms and berry species are edible, but those who have experienced a salad of cat brier sprouts, bread made with acorn flour or cow lily seeds, staggered roots of the goat’s beard, sauteed peanuts, apricots, dried persimmon pudding and other natural delicacies?

Wild edible plants will help you explore the world of wild edible plants and teach you how to use them at home and in the kitchen, with:

✓ Tips for identifying, harvesting, harvesting and growing edible wild plants

✓ Techniques for serving, storing and cooking with edible wild plants

✓ Edible profiles of wild plants, including descriptions, distinctive features, tips for preparation and collection and common uses

With edible wild plants, you can start living sustainably, saving money and adding variety to your diet as nature intended.